Mekhos is a project-based company that provides assembly and testing solutions to customer for their industrialization needs. The solution that we provide are completely crafted based on customer requirement and are custom designed to suit the product quality and productivity requirements of the customer.

In the presented case study, the customer is producing Cabin Latch unit for different OEMs at global locations, there are different variants of latch that need to be produced specific to customer requirement, the core function of the product remains same but there are dimensional variances in the component across variants.

Machinery that the customer was using in production was 20 years old and was lagging in the latest technological development.

The Requirement floated to us for the project was to provide an assembly and testing solution for the latch meeting the quality and productivity requirements. Another challenge in the production line was to accommodate all the variants of the latch keeping the change over time minimum.

The Old line also didn’t have any provision for data collection, handling and processing which had to be incorporated in our proposal.

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